Caroline’s is one of DiscoverSD’s Places to Brunch



Caroline’s is one of DiscoverSD’s Places to Brunch

Michelle Dederko of DiscoverSD chose Caroline’s Seaside Cafe as one of the top three best brunch spots with an ocean view.

“Caroline’s Seaside Café by Giuseppe is a hidden brunch gem to add to your list. The Mediterranean egg scramble ($9.50), beef short ribs “hash” and eggs ($11) and smoked salmon egg scramble ($11.50) are all highlights off this organic, healthy menu.

“What makes it extra-special: All food is ordered at the counter, then guests select their seats of choice and the plates are delivered to them, cutting down the back-and-forth time with waiters.”

Thanks DiscoverSD!

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    Morgan, you and your team, are phenomenal. The absolute best group I've ever seen in action, especially under the most uncontrollable conditions. We couldn't be more grateful to have such a high quality meal and experience to share with everyone. 

    Thank you for also being there, physically, with us, which was incredibly gracious of you. 

    You have a real talent for this kid of stuff, and we wish you the very best.