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A versatile, highly skilled staff and a passion for innovative fine cuisine, you can trust that every detail of your event will be handled with the utmost care when you choose Giuseppe Fine Catering in San Diego, CA.

No matter what kind of event you have in mind, we’ll help you pull it off with friendly professional service, fresh seasonal flavors and inventive cocktails. Our extensive selection of services and ability to adapt to any situation, from budget constraints to dietary restrictions, have helped Giuseppe Fine Catering become one of the most sought-after catering services in San Diego.

Whether you’re planning a wedding or a casual lunch, give your guests an experience to remember. Take a look at our available services below to see what Giuseppe Fine Catering can do for you.

Wedding Catering

Corporate Catering

Styles of Service

traypassedTray Passed

From delicious hors d’oeuvres to bite-sized pieces of culinary art, Tray Passed service creates the unexpected delight that keeps conversations flowing. Use Tray Passed service before or after the meal, or simply to satisfy light appetites as guests mingle.

statdisplayStationary Display Station

Food takes the stage with our Stationary Display service, a setup that allows guests to choose from an eye-catching and diverse assortment. Place in the center of an intimate space for drama, or combine with other service styles for larger events.

chefattndedChef-Attended Station

Custom preparation and the freshest possible presentation make the Chef-Attended Station a favorite for discerning guests. Combine with other service styles to encourage an optimal flow of guest activity.

tastingsmallplatesTasting Menu “Small Plates”

The Small Plates style of service is a modern twist on tray-passing. Whether standing or lounging, guests can enjoy substantial tastes of exquisite dishes passed to them by our expertly trained butlers.

statdinnerbuffetStationary Dinner Buffet

Most popular for casual affairs, the Stationary Dinner Buffet is the least labor-intensive of services. Our buffets are meticulously planned for freshness and presentation, while their setup allows for flexibility in a variety of settings.

famstyleFamily Style Dinner

The most intimate of our service styles, the Family Style Dinner is best for less formal occasions. Shared dishes are the hallmark of family style dining, but this is no everyday dinner. We prepare our shared dishes with the highest level of presentation and aim for a deliciously fun experience for all.

livetastingbarsLive Action “Tasting Bars”

Drawing from the talent of our mixology gurus at Giuseppe Bar Services, we have created the total culinary experience with our Live Action “Tasting Bars.” Building upon our Small Plates service, the Tasting Bar combines diverse courses of portioned dishes with select wines masterfully paired and presented by a wine specialist. The result is a unique and dynamic event your guests won’t soon forget.

seateddinnersvcSeated Dinner Service

For formal events, the Seated Dinner Service is the ultimate in hospitality. Seated dinner menus are designed and prepared to impress, with flare and elegance. Butler service is highly attentive and perfectly orchestrated. Venue and decorations are key components to planning your ideal seated dinner event, and we are happy to provide our recommendations.

seateddinnerstationsSeated Service with Dinner Stations

All the benefits of Seated Dinner Service plus an entree course that gives your guests a variety of options. With Seated Service with Dinner Stations, appetizers and desserts are served at the table, while dinner stations offer guests an elaborate selection of main course items.

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  • What They Say

    The food on our wedding day was AMAZING. I'd been dreaming about that meal ever since our tasting, and it totally lived up to the hype I created in my mind!

    Justin and I both received numerous compliments about the food that night -- "Those mashed potatoes though!!!" "I wish I could stuff these raviolis in my purse!!!" "Best wedding food EVER!"

    Needless to say, we and our guests were all highly satisfied with our meal, and I loved that we decided to go family style, as it really encouraged sharing and conversing over the food. I would also like to add that the service staff was exceptional. They were prompt, attentive, and responded to every request, big or small, with, "We can make that happen."

    The food was FANTASTIC. I only regret that I did not get to eat MORE of the food that night, although I made sure to shovel in some scoops of mashed potatoes and braised short ribs. I would love to be able to go back in time and eat some more in a relaxed setting!

    Thank you for all that you did to make our wedding day memorable! We are SO glad we chose Giuseppe (it was not a hard choice at all!).

    Christina & Justin