Four Tips for A Great Wedding Reception

Weddings are a magical time in a couple’s life where two people and two families are brought together as one. However, days leading up to the “I do’s” can be stressful.

As a leading catering company, we cater dozens of wedding receptions every year and have collected some tips and tricks along the way. From hiring the right vendors to focusing on the food, here are a few insights on how to plan the perfect wedding reception.


Work with the Right Professionals

The details of planning a wedding, combined with finding reliable caterers and other wedding vendors can overwhelm even the most detail-oriented couples. To avoid having to do everything yourself, consider hiring a wedding coordinator. If a wedding coordinator seems out of your budget, you can save money by hiring one for the month before, or day-of your wedding. This will alleviate stresses from the bride, such as last-minute changes or a photographer who is running late.

Also, take advice from the pros when it comes to logistics and staffing for your big day. They usually recommend a certain number of servers, bartenders, chefs and  vendors based on their experitise and past experience. Planning and executing your wedding day vision is what we love to do and we’re here to help you, so take full advantage of our knowledge and experience to ensure a breathtaking event.

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Plan Months in Advance and Then Let It All Go

Your timeline is just a piece of paper. Maybe your ceremony or the photos take a little longer than anticipated, that’s okay! Be prepared that not everything will go exactly as planned and instead of stressing, try to go with the flow and celebrate your new beginnings.

Weddings take on a life of their own. Do your best to be present, and relish in the fact that you just tied the knot with your one true love, and are surrounded by supportive family and friends to celebrate this magical occasion.


Focus on the Food

Focus on creating a memorable gourmet gathering for your friends and family who are coming together to bask in the light of your love.

When meeting with a caterer, it is helpful to share your favorite foods and dishes. Think about what you order at your favorite restaurant or your favorite family recipes. We are inspired when a bride and groom express what they enjoy eating and share specific items and ingredients they love. It’s also just as important to discuss the foods you or family members dislike, and if there are any food allergies to consider.

Focus on classic dishes with good ingredients over trendy or extravagant items. A lot of our couples tend to choose braised meats such as short ribs, pulled pork or lamb shoulder. They also love our access to in-season, locally grown fruits and vegetables. Other top menu selections include Truffled Grilled Cheese, fresh pasta, and Burrata dishes.

The right catering service is an integral part of any gathering and crucial for a successful wedding reception. With your individual taste and personality to guide us, Giuseppe Fine Catering will craft a delicious menu tailored to your specific vision and our highly trained staff will make sure that every detail, from preparation to service, is flawlessly executed. We want to make sure you can relax and enjoy your special day.


Make Your Wedding Fit Your Style

Follow you natural instincts for breathtaking and personalized nuptuals. Some brides don’t want to toss the bouquet while others don’t want to wait until the ceremony for their “first look.” There is no right or wrong answer when planning your wedding. We have even had a request to serve breakfast for dinner! The traditional hotel brunch buffet was unique, memorable and very fitting for the particular couple.

If you’re a bride or groom who just can’t imagine partaking in some or all the wedding traditions, don’t! It’s your wedding day, make it the perfect fit for you and your loved one.


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