Graduations and Father’s Day


Father’s Day is a day I look forward to very much. I have three kids, ages 9, 18 and 20.  Every Father’s Day, I always give myself a day free of commitment so every year is different.  I like to go bike riding with friends, followed by brunch with my family somewhere near the water.

But growing up in Italy, Father’s Day really wasn’t a big celebration. I do remember cooking was a special part of my childhood. Growing up, my dad worked a lot, but once he retired he cooked some meals while my mom was still working. His actual favorite dish was pasta with garlic and olive oil and a lot of good Parmiggiano.

Something my dad taught me was to keep it simple.  That’s something that I also tell my children today.  Keeping it fresh, seasonal, stay creative, but on the healthy side without sacrificing the good flavors….also keep it authentic no matter which nationality food they are cooking.

This June also marks my 18 year old daughter’s high school graduation.  To celebrate the occasion, she loves anything with pasta or bread, nothing too complicated. Especially my mom’s meatball recipe. Once my family starts eating those meatballs, they just can’t stop. It’s the perfect family recipe.  She also really enjoys food cooked on the outdoor grill.  This San Diego weather is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy time with family.

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    “Thank you for making the gorgeous and delicious salads for the baby shower last weekend. All the girls had seconds (and some even thirds!) It’s always a pleasure to work with you and your talented staff.”
    -Sally Irwin