Honey, what’s for dinner?

Giuseppe Cooks on Fox

Giuseppe appeared on Fox 5 this morning for their “Honey What’s for Dinner?” segment.

In less than 10 minutes, Giuseppe was able to show Erica Fox how to prepare Egg Fettuccine with Shrimp. Inspired by Spring, the dish has Calabrian Chilies, Pomodoro “Crudo” Sauce, Wild Arugula & EVOO.

 View the video

Great job Giuseppe!


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    Every day since the wedding I have thought about what a wonderful evening it was!  

    Every day I run into one of our guests - they cannot keep talking about our wedding!  A HUGE part of it was the catering. Truly!  David and his staff floated effortlessly through the venue, making sure everyone had delicious food and drink. Please thank them all - David, Sean, Jerry, Brie........I am missing one name..... and a big thank you to Giuseppe and to Shannon.

    The best of the best to all of you at Guiseppe catering!