Honey, what’s for dinner?

Giuseppe Cooks on Fox

Giuseppe appeared on Fox 5 this morning for their “Honey What’s for Dinner?” segment.

In less than 10 minutes, Giuseppe was able to show Erica Fox how to prepare Egg Fettuccine with Shrimp. Inspired by Spring, the dish has Calabrian Chilies, Pomodoro “Crudo” Sauce, Wild Arugula & EVOO.

 View the video

Great job Giuseppe!


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    David and I wanted to let you know how wonderful last nights party and you all were. We loved starting outdoors with you and your team bringing to life our new pizza kitchen. It's the first time since November that I've been able to enjoy it as a guest instead of the chef and waitress.

    We really enjoy and appreciate all of your team members - they are truly the A-Team and we feel like you are all family. Please let them know how we feel.

    Many Thanks,