Hot off the stove, it’s National Hot Breakfast Month!

What better way to warm up in the morning than with a nice hot breakfast? You often hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I truly believe that it is, which is why I’m so passionate about it. Being an endurance athlete, I love creating one-stop-shop dishes that combine each and every nutrient that your body needs. These all-in-one breakfasts help to kick start your body and prepare you for the day ahead. I am also inspired by creating unique twists for, and finding ways to improve some of the classics.

We focus on serving the freshest organic ingredients from local farmers and sustainable sources at all three of my restaurants, Museum Café, Caroline’s Seaside Café and Bottega Americano. These premium ingredients have inspired me to create a few of our signature hot breakfast dishes. In honor of National Hot Breakfast Month, I’d like to share a few of my favorites.


My all-time favorite breakfast, named appropriately, would be G’s Favorite Breakfast from Museum Café because it’s my favorite meal to have any day of the week. It features a special cheese called Labneh and is topped with crushed pistachios. It’s served alongside fresh scrambled eggs, smashed avocado, pea tendrils and heirloom tomatoes with whole grain toast.

Another favorite from Museum Café would be the Fitness Breakfast Bowl. This is the epitome of a complete breakfast offering scrambled egg whites, brown rice, chicken, black beans, charred scallions & tomatoes, grilled zucchini, salsa roja and cilantro. Another healthy and complete dish I would recommend is the Power Frittata which is on the weekend brunch menu at Bottega Americano. This meal consists of egg whites, five herb pesto, fresh mozzarella, oven roasted tomatoes, quinoa and arugula with a side of fruit or potatoes. Anyone looking to power their day should try these dishes!


When I want to indulge, I often turn to two dishes: one sweet, the other savory. The first dish would be our pancakes. We make each stack from scratch at both the Museum Café and Caroline’s Seaside Café and serve them with pure, top-quality maple syrup. They’re light but also filling and are a great way satisfy a sweet tooth. I also enjoy the Huevos Rancheros at Musuem Café.  They are made in a very authentic way with the influence and flair of our cooks with Mexican heritage.

With so many choices, how could you not want to wake up and join us in celebration of National Hot Breakfast Month?

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