Introducing Culinary Confessions!

Since I started putting my thoughts, ideas and stories into the Giornale, our monthly newsletter, I’ve been so fortunate to have many of you write back with your own responses to the articles.  It’s been a great experience to read your own inspiring stories and encouragement that I wanted to share it with everyone.  The beauty of blogs is that each article is just the beginning of a conversation. With your comments, I can get to know you better, and we can keep learning from each other.  So with Culinary Confessions, I invite you to sign up, subscribe or add us to your RSS feed, and join the party!

And for those of you who’ve been receiving the Giornale, our email newsletters, this is also our way of trimming down what arrives in your inbox.  You will still receive the Giornale Giuseppe even if you get Culinary Confessions by email as long as you keep your subscription.

Please take a moment to click around and get more familiar with Culinary Confessions, and then comment to let us know your opinion.  I look forward to hearing from you…

Mangia Bene e Vivi Meglio!