My Sincerest Thanks and Best Holiday Wishes


Season’s Greetings!

I hope you’re enjoying the holidays and creating great new memories with your loved ones. I like to take the holidays to look back and appreciate the most special moments of the last year and who was there to share them with me.

Of course this year, one of the most important events was my second year doing the Challenged Athletes Foundation’s Million Dollar Challenge. With your donation, we helped to change the lives of some very special people. Thank you.

I’m grateful that you supported me, and I’m grateful for CAF’s unfailing dedication to our cause. Whenever I meet the athletes of CAF, I’m continuously inspired to do my best and overcome any obstacles the journey may bring. I hope to take those lessons with me next year and into the future. 2015 will be 10th year anniversary of the Million Dollar Challenge, and I’m very excited to participate again. On such a significant milestone, I’m sure it will be a very special event. You can be sure I will be helping the 2015 MDC in any way I can.

Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

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    “We cannot get over how wonderful the food and service was at our wedding. You are amazing! I will never forget when I walked into the reception before the guests entered and all your staff was lined up ready to go. They were wonderful too! Thank you for your effort to make our wedding special. No one has had better food at a wedding before—that is what we keep hearing. It was spectacular!”
    -Landy & Brendon