My Two (New) Signature Dishes

GsFavBreakfastOne of my favorite things to do is to eat healthy. I grew up eating fresh and organic food in Italy, which is why I introduced two new signature dishes on the MUSEUM CAFE’s menu that reflect just that.

The first new addition is my favorite meal to have any day of the week and the second is a Roman twist on the Bagel & Lox. The flavor profile in both of these dishes is a personal favorite because of the variety of textures. I like to sell what I like to eat, and these two dishes have protein, fat, vegetables and carbohydrates. It’s a one stop shop for my nutrition and for my customers.

One of the new menu items is simply called, G’s Favorite Breakfast, because, well, I consider it a signature dish in my diet. It offers a special cheese called Labneh Greek yogurt cheese and is topped with crushed pistachios. It’s served alongside fresh scrambled eggs, smashed avocado, grilled peppers and tomatoes with whole grain toast. In case you haven’t heard of Labneh cheese before, don’t feel bad as I was introduced to this delicious cheese only last year in San Francisco and again more recently by some Arab friends – and ever since, I haven’t said goodbye to it.

My second dish, Smoked Salmon Breakfast Ciabatta offers a unique aspect in that the ciabatta bread is pressed under a Panini grill; which makes for a hot and crunchy sandwich. Also, we blend cream cheese with goat cheese and then add fresh herbs and artichokes to the spread resulting in nothing short of a spectacular addition to the not-so-traditional Bagel & Lox breakfast dish.

Like a good Italian, I love local produce and living in San Diego, we have so much available throughout the year. I like seeing bright colors on my plates which is why I used fresh, local ingredients in my two new signature dishes. My hope is that you find my two favorite dishes just as delicious as I do.

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  • What They Say

    Morgan, you and your team, are phenomenal. The absolute best group I've ever seen in action, especially under the most uncontrollable conditions. We couldn't be more grateful to have such a high quality meal and experience to share with everyone. 

    Thank you for also being there, physically, with us, which was incredibly gracious of you. 

    You have a real talent for this kid of stuff, and we wish you the very best.