Pre race meal


Night before the race,let go the heavy carb load with pasta..breads..sauces
Heavy to digest especially if waking up early
Instead check this spread out and perhaps you can make good use in the future
Farmer’s market baby lettuce with baba’s feta and early cherry tomatoes
Spring peas and corn with caramelized shallots
Organic brown rice
Ground organic turkey
Brussels sprouts

So I got my veggies..ton of fibers…

Now 2-3 bottles of water..then early bed time

Good race to everyone!!

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  • What They Say

    I believe I speak for myself, my bride & our hostess when I say that we were COMPLETELY THRILLLED with David, his crew and the food!! YUM  We had a party of 10 last night for leftovers and there’s still more food. 

    Not only was it delicious, the presentation was lovely and it was as if just when someone was ready for a bite- something delicious appeared as if by magic.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please let everyone know how happy we were to spend this special evening with you- they were delightful.  We will not only recommend you but we will YELP you. 

    All the Best, until next time-