The Holidays! Family, Festivities & Food


All of my favorite holiday memories seem to include the same themes: family, festivities and food. The holidays are a time for us all to come together with loved ones and create moments that we will cherish for a lifetime.

Growing up, my mother used to prepare the absolute best fried vegetables, like broccoli florets, Swiss chard stems, squash and artichokes. It was one of my favorite dishes as a child, and I still find ways to incorporate her Italian style of cooking into every holiday meal and add a bit of home to American traditions.

Although I wish my parents were able to join us for the holidays, my wife, kids and I still make the most of our time together. As a chef, many expect me to take the reins of putting together the holiday dinner, but I like to share the fun of crafting the meal with the whole house. It’s such a joy to watch as the kids slice, dice, whisk and mix their own creations. They love making homemade pasta, baking or any other fun dishes that include lots of flour and mixing!

It’s the inspiration of my family and the cheer of the holiday season that brought about the Fall Pronto Delivery menu. Our catering team is always striving to deliver the best experience possible, especially throughout the holiday season. We try to honor the traditions of each holiday while adding in our own twists for the extra wow factor.

Golden orange, crimson red, chestnut brown and olive green are the fall colors that served as the inspiration when crafting the menu. The holidays are a beautiful time of year and my team and I wanted our menu to reflect that beauty. The dishes at your holiday meal should be as bright, flavorful and memorable as the people sitting around your table.

Wishing a wonderful holiday season from our family to yours, mangia bene!

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  • What They Say

    THANK YOU for being a part of our wedding.  You guys did a really fantastic job from start to finish!!!! 

    We got a ton of compliments on the food- in particular people were raving about the halibut.  That’s not to say they didn’t like all the other mains.  And of course everyone loved the tray passed bites and they raved about the mason jar salads.

    Our company will almost certainly have a few events in the not too distant future and we will definitely be calling you guys.

    Morgan, in particular, thanks for making this such a pleasant and stress free experience.

    Thanks again,