What’s new? Carta Giuseppe!

Well I’ve been pouring a lot of energy into our newest project, the Carta Giuseppe.  This is essentially a gift and rewards card, but to me, it’s so much more.  I believe that the meals we provide and that we enjoy together are cherished experiences, and are best when shared.  I surround myself with people who understand this concept, and over the years, they’ve become the community that’s so important to me.

I stay connected to the core of the community by working with some amazing nonprofit organizations.  Over the years, I’ve looked for just the right way to encourage more support for these groups and with this purpose the Carta Giuseppe was born.

By working closely with select organizations, we have created a gift and rewards program with a viral fundraising component.  This is all done through a sophisticated network data system, which is more complicated than I should try to explain, but in plain words, it means that Carta Giuseppe has the ability to raise money for the nonprofits you support.

Over the next few months, we will be announcing details of the program and the participating groups.  If you have a strong passion for any local nonprofits that benefit art and children’s causes, and you would like information on how to participate in the Carta Giuseppe Giving program, please email us HERE.

In the meantime, the gift card is also available simply for special occasion and holiday gift-giving.  To purchase, just visit your nearest Giuseppe restaurant or call 858.581.2205.